How They Are Made

The most efficient living unit in NZ – 

  • Designed to NZ Building Code (NZBC) yet excluded from Building Act
  • 50-year performance on FrameCad steel frame – NZS4600 
  • R2.4 wall insulation exceeds NZBC minimums – BRANZ approved 
  • Altus joinery double glazed toughened glass – same as buildings
  • Durable vinyl click glue-less planks: durable floor; easy to repair
  • Wall lining: painted grooved ply / Fibo waterproof panels
  • Cladding: vinyl 50-year warranty /grooved painted ply to NZS 2269
  • Coloursteel roof same as most new buildings in NZ
  • Most popular sizes. 9 x 3m, 8 x 3m and 7.2 x 3m.
  • All remain on wheels, able to be towed on road

Our mobile homes meet all NZBC requirements, but also must endure the equivalent of a four-hour combination earthquake and cyclone during delivery at 80 kph over NZ pot-holed roads.

Selection of materials is based on a combination of attractiveness and durability. Over the years we have honed our knowledge to find materials that look good and last. Units sent out on straight rent for 1-3 years come back in remarkably good condition. But in the untoward event of damage, most components can be replaced in a day using readily-available products all sourced in New Zealand.

Scroll down to see our factory in Silverdale.


We begin by making our own chassis in house – not out of box steel RHS) but galvanised universal beams that are stronger last longer

The framework is made from galvanised steel – lighter, durable, stronger, fully recyclable. 

At R2.4 our earthwool insulation exceeds NZBC insulation requirements for the coldest parts of NZ

We use the cavity-wall batten system that is the council-preferred method of cladding to ensure no moisture is trapped inside the walls

Our joinery is standard NZBC code doors and windows made in NZ

Our cabinetry shop is in house. We get better quality results where we manage quality control

Several choices with lining. This is a Cape Cod look with painted grooved ply and white trim. 

This is what it looks like when moved in 

This is a Pre-finished wall panel system using a photorealistic finish that needs little maintenance

Several choices in cladding. This is the very durable and easy to maintain vinyl cladding. Others include stained timber and timber ply.

And about a month after we make the chassis, we deliver the unit ready to move in. Warm, dry, durable, attractive, comfortable and most importantly affordable.

Next comes the full length deck made by local carpenters and flowers planted in pots to make it feel like home.