Affordable Instant Housing


Mobile Trailer Homes are an immediate, warm, dry, efficient and affordable solution for people needing a home. They are made in factories, towed to site and typically set up in a couple of hours provided the land is flat and accessible, and the utilities are ready for hook up. Easiest if water, wastewater and power are on site, but alternatives such as electric toilets and solar power are doable.

To be clear, these are factory-made units, not DIY tiny homes. They are built to a proper design standard with factory quality control to ensure they are fit for purpose. They are an attractive design. Their most important quality though is affordability.

  • Immediate, efficient mobile home on your land or leased land
  • Government agency requiring immediate short to medium term housing 
  • Ka rite to whanau ki te hanga i tona kainga?

We make and sell self-contained, ensuite living mobile trailer homes, with kitchen for about $60,000

We make and lease self-contained, ensuite living mobile trailer homes, with kitchen for $250 to $360 / week on a 12-month contract. 

We make make other designs, such as emergency medical units and Civil Defence units

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