We make affordable housing that costs between $60-90,000 for a self-contained home with kitchen and bathroom. It takes a month to manufacture in our Silverdale factory and installs in a day on your land.

We offer leasing at about $250-350/week and an innovative program called Lease to Acquire (LTA) where your rent paid on time enables us to pay off financing, at the end of which we give you the the unit for $10 +tax if any. You can keep it, or ask us to sell on your behalf to raise funds for a downpayment on a first home loan. LTA adds about $70-90 a week to the lease.

We also have an elegant line for visitor accommodation and other high end use. Same basic framework, just more glass and fancier amenities. 

The law says mobile homes that are not immovable (not fixed to a foundation) are not buildings under the Building Act. Nevertheless, we manufacture to the NZ Building Code (NZBC). Why? In case the law changes, your unit remains legal, but also if you want to fix it to a foundation, making it part of the real estate, it will qualify for a NZBC Certificate of Acceptance.

Above is the first unit we made when we moved to our new Silverdale factory in 2019 – ready for delivery to South Island. Today our factory is turning out about fifteen units a month. During Level 4 lockdown we stayed open making hospital testing units. We make homes for WINZ beneficiaries, rapidly-expanding high-tech factories needing employee housing, outdoor tourism and wharepuni for mana whenua kainga.